Imagine this: From Bacoor to Sucat to Quezon City to Baclaran to Cavite City to Bacoor. That was my itinerary for the day. It was all business, except for my last stop: a high school friend's birthday dinner in Bacoor.

Before I got to ascend the jeepney bound to Sucat, I recognized the long-haired passenger seated on the right side of the vehicle. I deliberately took the vacant spot across her. [Some people prefer to sit next to their friends but I find it easier to communicate when you are sitting face to face.] I saw her caught sight of me while I remove my laptop back on my back, making me thrilled for the major gabfest that was about to take place.

When I turned my head back to greet her, I found her slightly shifted to the opposite direction. Her arm slightly concealed her face and her eyes were suddenly squeezed shut. She was pretending to be asleep!

It was unbelievable! We've been good friends for the longest time. I'd say we haven't spoken let alone exchange text messages for almost a decade! What went wrong?

I fought the urge to toss the laptop bag before me to wake her up. But then again, mahirap manggising ng isang taong nagtutulug-tulugan. If she did not want to catch up with me, then I wouldn't force her.

I saw her open her eyes a couple of minutes later. Still, she avoided my gaze. By that time, I already gave up. Kung ayaw mo, edi wag!

I watched her alight from the jeepney and move towards the entrance of SM Sucat. I bet she did not even look back to make sure if I were watching.



At 12:13 AM , Blogger Em said...

I was raised in Bacoor :D

deng that "friend" of yours.. wells, kung ayaw e d wag! true!

At 6:25 AM , Blogger lornadahl said...

Wow, Bacoor represent! :D

Yaan mo na siya. I just wish her well.


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