Got this text message (altered to be eye-friendly) from my friend Edzelove. Of course, posted with permission. Raise your hand if you don't find this funny.

"May ginawa akong krimen! I didn't pay the jeep! It was 1 km later from the house when I realized I got no wallet! Plano ko [was] borrow from the candy stand where I'll stop pero medyo maghihintay nang matagal ang jeep non kasi magne-negotiate pa ako sa tindera. A dilemma between risking magalit mga pasahero and pagalitan ng driver, or deadma na lang. Hay sus kahiya talaga. May one guy [whom] akala ko kasamahan ko sa review uutangan ko sana, but it turns out hindi pala. Kinausap pa ako ng bagets, sus hanggang bumaba ako goodbye driver!"

After reading this, my company were completely clueless why I was on a laugh trip again. It took me a while to calm down and share it without pauses.

I'm sharing this because I had a couple of near-one two three (local term for not paying public utility jeeps) instances as of late. Yesterday, while on a jeep on my way home, I was on a mental debate if I had paid or not. I recall handing a number of coins to the driver which turns out to be the other passenger's. I'm glad I recalled this before hailing it to a stop and receive a disapproving look and curses from the driver.

Just today, I nearly forgot to pay. I was too busy text barraging everyone about my concern that I was only reminded to pay when a guy seated a few inches away handed me his payment. The driver's look on his eyes was enough to make me immediately fish for my coin purse.

Memory gap? Probably. Or a subconscious act of unwillingness to spend? More likely.


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