I'm back to the graveyard grind and, to my relief, my new workplace is still in Ayala Ave. To my excitement, I was in the area earlier than I planned to.

I was about to alight in Paseo when this guy ahead of me made an unexpected halt to hiss at the driver. He was apparently pissed that he didn't stop at Herrera, finding it necessary to ask for some fistfight. I can barely remember if the driver managed to explain the bus stops and say "Ganito kami sa Makati!" as the other passengers behind me generously expressed their disdain over the delay.

To my surprise, the driver reciprocated this with outburst of words of pissdom. I had to step back when I felt the mad man's elbow on my chest. By then, everybody was yelling all at once. The conductor asked the driver to pacify and the other passengers asked him to ignore this drunken fool. I was on mute until I felt a shove to push me forward. I had no intention to get hurt!

By some miracle, the unhappy passenger stepped down. While the rest of the passengers dashed to their respective buildings, I took pleasure in watching what unfolded next. After all, I was 60 minutes early. He went on pounding the bus door, challenging the driver to come out for a duel. The conductor once came out to push him away. This continued until the traffic light turned green.

Shaking my head, I crossed the street to finally report to work. After a few minutes, I felt him unintentionally push me aside then saw him cause traffic for staggering along the pedestrian lane without even looking if any vehicle were on ongoing course. How classic!

Being drunk on a Monday night can be elevating but PLEASE, make sure to display exhilaration and try to spread some good vibes! But, hey, that was entertaining!


At 9:14 AM , Anonymous Larry said...

Some people just can't hold their liquor. How sad.

At 11:14 AM , Blogger lornadahl said...

Larry! Welcome to my humble abode! :D

Yeah, it's sad. At least nobody got hurt.


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