TRT: 1 HOUR (?)

Do you agree that a parade of impediments always prevent you from being punctual just when you're determined to be so?

Take this one instance when my best friend
crazybitch and I aimed to be on the front seats for the world premiere of Khavn de la Cruz's The Family That Eats Soil. We agreed to be in UP an hour before the screening time.

You bet. I was late.

Impediment # 1: Maniac Alert.

I forgot why I had to drop by in City Land in Makati that afternoon, but I was there.
firefloss advised me to take MRT. For someone who is used to boarding it by Pasay and Ayala, I considered the entrance to the Buendia station and exit to Quezon Avenue station an adventure.

On the elevator, I saw a guy took a glimpse of my chest. That's normal.

When we emerged, I noticed he slowed down, walked beside me and fixed his eyes earnestly on mine. I blinked, but his eyes did not go elsewhere. This is worse than catching a guy staring at my chest! Feigning indifference, I groped for my mobile phone as if I just received an important call. I stopped to entertain the imaginary call, nodded to every inaudible instruction on the other end of the line and sprinted back to the opposite direction. I went down, went up, killed five more minutes and ran for the next trip.

*sighs of relief* The coast is clear.

Impediment # 2: Cashier conflict.

I was just an arm's reach away from Cashier # 1 when I noticed the commotion in front of Cashier # 2. The customer has a queue of his own. The male cashier affirmed they don't have a change for his PhP500 bill. (Mind you, I was even thinking of using the same bill before I left home. Good thing I changed my mind.) Would you believe that? It's past 17:00 on a Saturday and they don't have a change?

Since the argument is going nowhere, he decided to move to the cashier in front of me. It was already my turn when he squeezed in and demanded the female cashier to take his payment. She repeated the same spiel. The guy countered, "Eh ano 'yan? Itaas mo 'yan, diba 400 na 'yan?" My sympathy turned into shock.

The woman sharply pointed out, "Nakapila ka ba? Di naman ha!"

The heated dialogue went on.

So the woman resolved to make him wait until they raise the amount equivalent to his change. He agreed. Thank God.

Though I'm intrigued to find out how it ended, I have to dash. I'm fucking late.