It was my first day of work. I was expected to show up in Eastwood by 8AM. Of all places!

In spite of this helpful guide, I'm still your typical promdi who confused Megamall Building B with Building A. What's with the affinity with that FX terminal? That's where I used to line up when I was decided it's finally time to repose in my old apartment in Oranbo, Pasig.

Since I never saw any Santolan-bound FX and no fellow commuter can identify to what I was looking for, I decided to hail a cab. Besides, my second degree friend-turned-colleague Noah was already in Eastwood, cursing herself for being in the vicinity as early as 06:30AM. You could say she was very thrilled to end her 4-month bumhood. Before stepping in, I prayed the fare won't reach P100.

The R&E cabbie greeted me with a pleasant smile, asking for my destination. As usual, I forwarded the plate number to the next person I'd meet for security reasons. He repeated if we're heading to Eastwood, narrating how one passenger from Makati confirmed she's headed to Eastwood but, upon reaching Libis, she clarified she needed to be in KINGSWOOD. Mind you, she was very sober, awake and responsive to his small talk. Does she have 20-20 vision? I wouldn't know.

Manong went on. He had another passenger from Caloocan, asking to be driven to Quirino. When they made it to Malate, he said he's referring to Quirino in Parañaque! Manong said there are 4 Quirinos: Malate, Parañaque, Novaliches and somewhere else. What's the first Quirino that comes to mind?

The best story would have to this certain mother who left her 6-year-old slumbering kid in the cab. The driver didn't leave the mall area until this passenger returns to claim what she lost. However, instead of thank yous, the driver earned an earful.

Manong was introducing an OFW passenger who assumed he knew the airport terminals very well. After losing on the debate about the best route to take, the passenger gave him a P1,000 tip on top of his bill. He was that grateful he made it for his flight. By that time, I could hardly concentrate anymore. The bill was almost P70 and I was already trying to review cheap options for lunch. I only had P300 in my pocket for that day!

Luckily, the vehicle eventually came into a halt. I paid him exactly P75 and thanked him for his amusing stories. Too bad I can't give him any tip.


I found an equally amusing tale about a certain selfless cab driver. Jamir Ocampo posted on Facebook:

Kitang-kita namin ni Manong taxi driver kung paano binunggo ng pulang Corolla ang Pajero sa bandang Krus na Ligas, ang masama kumaripas palayo ang Corolla para matakasan ang areglo, palibhasa babae ang driver ng nabunggong Pajero.

“Teka lang haharangin ko lang tong gagong to,” ang sabi ni Manong. Hindi alintana kung sinuman ang driver ng pulang Corolla, nakipagkarerahan si Manong (takot ko lang dahil overspeeding na kami) hanggang tuluyan na nyang naharang sa Katipunan ang pulang Corolla.

Nang maabutan ng Pajero ang bumunggo sa kanya, iniwan na namin sila mag-areglo. "Pangalawang beses ko nang nagawa to," humahagikgik na sambit ni Manong.

Ang ganda ng hapon. Saya maging Pinoy.

Photo and text by Jamir Ocampo.




Imagine this: From Bacoor to Sucat to Quezon City to Baclaran to Cavite City to Bacoor. That was my itinerary for the day. It was all business, except for my last stop: a high school friend's birthday dinner in Bacoor.

Before I got to ascend the jeepney bound to Sucat, I recognized the long-haired passenger seated on the right side of the vehicle. I deliberately took the vacant spot across her. [Some people prefer to sit next to their friends but I find it easier to communicate when you are sitting face to face.] I saw her caught sight of me while I remove my laptop back on my back, making me thrilled for the major gabfest that was about to take place.

When I turned my head back to greet her, I found her slightly shifted to the opposite direction. Her arm slightly concealed her face and her eyes were suddenly squeezed shut. She was pretending to be asleep!

It was unbelievable! We've been good friends for the longest time. I'd say we haven't spoken let alone exchange text messages for almost a decade! What went wrong?

I fought the urge to toss the laptop bag before me to wake her up. But then again, mahirap manggising ng isang taong nagtutulug-tulugan. If she did not want to catch up with me, then I wouldn't force her.

I saw her open her eyes a couple of minutes later. Still, she avoided my gaze. By that time, I already gave up. Kung ayaw mo, edi wag!

I watched her alight from the jeepney and move towards the entrance of SM Sucat. I bet she did not even look back to make sure if I were watching.





Some blog entries really take a year to be completed. Anything infuriating becomes comical over time, right?

With heavy hearts, our party of four took the first ferry to leave Camiguin Island and dashed to Balingonan Port in Misamis Oriental. It was still early but we were in a hurry. We had confirmed to go whitewater rafting and asked to be picked up by noon. But before we can get wet and wild, we had to find a refuge!

Upon arrival in the bus terminal, we were portraits of disbelief that there were no airconditioned bus waiting for us. This transformed into restlessness when the wait stretched longer than we hoped. When about two ordinary buses had pulled in, we exchanged worried looks and practically ran to get on board. Ordinary buses are always on the fast lane, right?

Or so we thought.

Much to my annoyance, the driver loved to take his sweet time by doing quick stops every single opportunity he saw to draw in passengers. I actually fell asleep for roughly twenty minutes and, judging by the road signs along the way, we did not cover much distance. To top it off, I saw an airconditoned bus did an overtake. Thank you for your patience, it says.

Photos by Danna Ah.

I may be unable to understand the vernacular but I noticed that everyone was talking angrily all at the same time. It seemed they were also clamoring for some speed.

The funny thing was (NOW it's funny), the driver still insisted to pick up EVERY potential passenger along the road in spite of what the photos above convey. He was apparently trying to piss us all off!

Needless to say, our bunch arrived in the Agora Market by noon and asked our contact to defer the pick up to 13:00. This tamagochi had to make reservations and, most importantly, appease my hunger. I was too weak to injure the driver. That lucky bastard!

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