It was our lunch break. For nocturnal corporate slaves like us, that's sometime between 1:30-2:30am. Abby, Lady, Edric, Gary and I all agreed to give the so-near-yet-so-far Tokyo Tokyo in People Support Center a visit. I'm typically up for the long walk, but that early morning, I'd rather squeeze my eyelids shut, snap my fingers and get transported to the mentioned fastfood joint even before I get to say, "Nuknukan sa liit ang kani salad niyo!" Fortunately, they echoed my desires.

As the biggest among us, I got myself seated next to the cabbie. I told him we'd like to get to Tokyo Tokyo. Considering our office was just along Ayala Avenue, it should be as easy as 1-2-3. Then, Lady changed her mind and said we can dine in Tropical Hut instead. I repeated what she said for the cabbie in my typically loud voice and assumed that he understood where we're headed.

And so we continued with our chatter. I noticed the cabbie made an unnecessary pause and directed his car as if he'd do a left turn to Salcedo St. I don't claim to be an expert in Makati short-cuts, but I am yet to see the best way to Tropical Hut from that area. I remember "suggesting", "What if sa Army Navy (in Dela Rosa St.) na lang tayo mag-lunch?" Somebody laughingly reacted, "Nag-cab pa tayo kung doon pala tayo kakain!" And so the cabbie turned to the left. OK, fine.

We got engaged in an animated conversation again until I noticed Edric started to play a mute role and suppress his occasional tendency to transform a la The Hulk to happen. I turned around to see the view outside and realized we're headed to the wrong direction. Me and my big mouth can't help it. "Kuya! Hindi po sa Little Tokyo! Tokyo Tokyo dapat tayo kanina! Pero Tropical Hut na!"

Looking back, I don't remember if he offered an apology or just scratched his head and asked for directions or what. I remember Abby mockingly suggested "Dyan na lang sa King's Court! Kina Gary na lang tayo kumain!" while we're en route to Pasong Tamo. At that point, Edric continued to act like a volcanic eruption waiting to happen. When we finally arrived, the fare amounted to P70+.

After enjoying our meal, we initially decided to go for a long walk to avoid any Tourette's Syndrome-inducing encounters with a cabbie again. But it started to drizzle and, for Lady's benefit, we hailed the first cab that emerged out of the darkness. Guess what? Our trip to Valero St. was a breeze and the bill just amounted to P50+.

Insert cuss words here.



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