I was running late again. By 20:00, I already accepted the fact that it's another case of tardiness. Believe me, I tried to take a cab when I reached Libertad but the absence of such prompted me to take a bus instead. I heard a tiny voice that said I just might get lucky.

So the bus was already one block away from my bus stop in Paseo. I was still hopeful I can make it. All of a sudden, the loud uproar between the People of the Philippines vs. the bus conductor knocked me out of my supposedly undivided viewing of the deceased FPJ taking a plunge to the falls wearing his signature leather jacket and denim jeans. What the hell is going on?

A large number of passengers were trying to alight in this area. The bus conductor said it's a loading area to which the passengers countered they get to get off in this area every single night. But, as far as I know, the bus stops are in Crispa (sometimes they don't allow unloading in front of RCBC) then Paseo. So I found this dispute as unreasonable, just ignored the commotion and watched how FPJ outwitted the group of goons leaded by Max Alvarado. The silence didn't last long and the passengers were clamoring for a chance to exit again. I heard one of them pinpoint that it was taking them forever to move forward, trying to sweep passengers that were not there. I fished for my phone in my shoulder bag to check the time and realized I was really late for work. Oh, well.

Much to my relief, I managed to log in by 20:28. When I went to the comfort room to rinse and moisturize my face, I recognized the angry passengers as my tenured officemates. So they actually prefer to take a walk one block away to our building instead of a shorter walk from the next bus stop? It was initially weird for me, but the succeeding turn of events made me realize I was wasting about 5 minutes for bus drivers who insist to linger and take in too many passengers. But that probably deserves another blog entry.

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this is exactly my sentiment from my previous comment, mare. haist.



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