So we're just 500 meters away from the final stop. The jeepney driver called the attention of the 3 teenage girls seated next to me, requiring them to pay more. Turns out they only paid the minimum fare of P7.00 each for a very distant ride from SM Molino to Zapote Kalinisan. Which was stupid as my fare from the mentioned mall to San Nicolas, my own baranggay, already amounts to P10.00.

If that were not amusing enough, wait till you hear how they reacted. Little Miss Bully repeatedly asked Little Miss Kitikitxt to settle the deficit. "Bayaran mo na!" The latter was too occupied to take heed. Little Miss Henchman initially aired excuses then echoed Little Miss Bully's line in a more encouraging tone. Little Miss Kitikitxt momentarily removed the mobile phone out of her face to stare daggers at Little Miss Bully then fished for her wallet.

Little Miss Kitikitxt approached the jeepney driver and clearly stated she's only paying for herself. Since they've already reached their stop, both girls reached for their pockets and, I, the riveted chismosa, had the perfect view of the bills they had in store. Lovely!

At least the seemingly rift was over as soon as they alighted.


The same evening at work, I overheard the tenured specialists' discussion on how to wa-tu-tri (spell check please) successfully. The best trick, according to them, would be to sit behind the driver (NOT beside him, all right? I've tried that before and it was beyond stupid!) and hand him other passenger's pay and NEVER say "Bayad daw po!". Make sure to display ownership by saying "Bayad po!" instead. For a bad actress with weak knees like me, I won't give this a try.

As a finisher, they say it is best to say, "Para po! Thank you!". In my commuting experience, I am yet to hear passengers who enthusiastically express their gratitude for reaching their destination. Hence, I find this suggested spiel a hint to the driver and fellow passengers that you just enjoyed a free ride. But what do I know? I'm not an expert.

How about you? Have you tried faking it? Isn't it still better to just pay the fare?



At 8:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not tried doing One-Two-Three, but whenever I asked the driver to pull-over because I need to alight the vehicle, I normally say, 'thank you'. I am grateful that he stopped quickly and I didn't miss my destination at exactly where I really want to get-off. :-)

At 12:01 AM , Blogger lornadahl said...

Oh, I see. Maybe I should start doing the same. Spread gratitude! :D


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