I just had a last-minute brisk walking episode with a few of my batchmates yesterday morning when I received a phone call from a former colleague, urging me to meet him. He needed my company while waiting for a nearby establishment to open and he wanted to pay me for this shampoo (yep, I'm a dealer). Walking 2 blocks from Paseo Avenue to Herrera immediately registered as a major hassle, considering my poor feet had just endured 45 minutes of action. When I realized I could use some change for my commute home and when I remembered the buses tend to speed by Stock Exchange, I shook my head and took another long walk.

Before I could enter North Park to meet him, I noticed the continuous appearances of Erjohn & Almark buses along Ayala Avenue with the signboard that reads DASMARIñAS. I suddenly remembered that sole Erjohn & Almark bus I saw the previous night whose signboard showed AYALA instead of the usual BUENDIA. I didn't take that bus, fearful of any optical illusion-related tragedies. I've had enough instances of tardiness already.

I reported the good news to Chad who echoed he saw the same Ayala-bound bus the previous night. It must be for real! We were all the more convinced it was true when we experienced the ride ourselves and got charged for only P25 for the ride. Yes, I had a pleasant smile before I fell asleep.

I normally take a bus from Ayala Ave. to Baclaran for P11, then a jeepney to Talaba (fare ranges from P13-18, depending on the driver and your willingness to argue with them) or airconditioned bus to Talaba for P25. Finally, a jeepney ride to my baranggay that amounts to P7. Sometimes, when I'm too lazy to have a 5-minute walk to my place or the sun gets too unbearable, I take a pedicab for P5. You do the math.

At the risk of sounding like an endorser, I encourage fellow Caviteños working in Makati to avail of this and save P11 daily! At this time of financial drought, news of the upcoming privatization of MRT and LRT and its proposed fare increase to P50-55, this discovery of a cheaper and sleep-conducive route is truly timely. I just hope that bus operators won't change their mind about this. Ever!

Needless to say, we Caviteños have a new favorite bus line. Hurrah to Jasper and Erjohn & Almark!


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