For the nth time, this newbie was running late. The nerve, no?

The series of unfortunate events started when a fellow bus passenger from behind did an outcry upon the realization that her former seatmate stole her mobile phone. I didn't exactly hear her recollection of what happened but she mentioned the tall guy told her something and she reacted, "Bahala ka sa buhay mo!". The bus conductor was rather insensitive to this woman's issue; he'd just say "Di nga nagbayad yung tatlong iyon eh!" each time he'd go near the victim. Either that or his statement that the robbers' faces didn't register on his mind. We were rather impressed how smooth it was. He managed to fish for this well-hidden phone without even slashing the bag.

I was immediately possessed with paranoia. See, my shoulder bag's zipper was completely broken then, making my bag invitingly open for hold uppers. I was even carrying a huge amount of money that time for a major transaction the following day. Luckily, I survived the trip to my office without being harassed again or having cardiac arrest from extreme worry.

As influenced by what happened in the previous entry, I decided to take a long, brisk walk to the office. To my shock and consternation, a handful of commuters were climbing to the gate across the street. Wasn't that supposed to be unlocked as early as 20:00? It was already 20:25!

Scared of another injury, torn clothes and embarrassment that results after that, I opted to take the underpass. We all know that I'm no fast runner, especially when I was wearing a chic outfit (my batchmates said so). I was even carrying 2 bags that time, adding load to my consistently slow sprint. When I was half-way through, I caught sight of an college friend with his friends. I had no time for pleasantries, dude. Nod, nod, bye.

Then the heavens conspired to give me a heartbreaking encounter in the office. Actually, it was initially heart-racing then everything just fell apart. Sorry, kids, but I'm not yet ready to divulge what happened. Clue: crushie-related.

The ending? I logged in at 20:32. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

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At 8:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww. next time no more crushie moment. i was late for a minute yesterday because of the katangahan and insensitivity of a bus driver. argh. the first fro this month, i swear i want to pummel him to the ground!



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