It was already 18:00 and I was running late again. (I've changed shifts from 21:30 to 19:30). The sight of the busy rotonda temporarily converted to a one-way street was not assuring. Traffic enforcers are fond of doing this "buhos" system, much to my annoyance.

When it was already 18:20 and the Cavite-bound vehicles continued to enjoy the go signal, my blood started to boil. There's no chance I'd log in on time! Fellow commuters echoed my "tsks" but they remained passive. I, however, was ready to explode. The nearest traffic enforcer was about 2.5 feet away, wearing his yellow-and-blue uniform that screamed BAGONG BACOOR. That probably aggravated me. Is this the town claiming they're damn ready for cityhood?!

I approached him and inquired, "Kuya, baka naman pwedeng magpadaan na kayo dito?", gesturing for the Lawton- and Baclaran-bound vehicles to have their chance. I was not sure if my tone was even friendly.

He reacted, "Maghintay kayo. Inaayos na nga namin eh. Wag kayong makialam!" Then he went on murmuring something that sounded inaudible against the parade of cars.

I got more pissed. Incompetence coupled with attitude problem, that's a Bagong Bacoor traffic enforcer for you! It took me another 5 minutes before I could take a bus.

2 days later, I was on FX on a different route (to Libertad via Niog). The traffic was smooth sailing until we reached the F.E. de Castro intersection. The sight of the yellow-and-blue BAGONG BACOOR uniform turned my eyes into tiny slits. Here we go again. I overheard a fellow passenger recount her waiting-in-vain moment in the same spot a few days ago with her friend. I stared at my wristwatch. It took 15 minutes of hardcore daydreaming to survive the long wait.

When we finally get past that major hurdle, I heard the passenger across me say, "Ang tatanga talaga ng mga 'yan! Pinagsabay tayo at 'yung mga papasok ng de Castro," I couldn't agree more.

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